Welcome To My Green Pasture....

It is a place of quiet rest that I have found when I am writing. I hope that someone will find my musings helpful in some way.
Psalm 23:2 "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restoreth my soul."

My Green Pasture....

Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Dependable Than The Weather!

This crazy weather up here is not very dependable. Sunny one minute...rainy the next....winter one day, spring the next! Today, it happens to be a very foggy morning!  As I look out my bedroom window, I cannot see up the road....I just don't understand the weather here this year. I wish I had kept track of all of the cloudy rainy grey days on the calendar. I really think they have amounted to way more than the sunny ones and it has really played a major role in my health this last year! I honestly do not remember it being like this last year or ever ....it just seems like that sun will only shine for one day! Then several more days of gloomy weather! How in the world are you supposed to feel good and be cheerful with all of this doom and gloom weather?? Yikes! I am glad that I don't have to depend upon the weather...to make me happy or joyful; although it sure feels good to let the sun beam down on my face. I don't have to depend upon other people to bring me peace...although a real arm around my shoulder now and then sure feels good and helps ease the burden.  I am so thankful that there is a faithful friend who brightens up my life regardless of the weather, regardless of the people in or out of my life; regardless of circumstances......He just IS....I can count on HIM. Always the same....never changes!

"Jesus is...the same...yesterday, today, and forever!"

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