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Psalm 23:2 "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restoreth my soul."

My Green Pasture....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy of Twins Twice!

Jeffrey Daniel Wood/Justin David Wood

Bryan Michael Wood/Bethany Leigh Wood
Yesterday, February 1, was Bryan and Bethany's 25th birthday! I am amazed at how the years have flown by with the wind speed of a tornado! Maybe you will be amazed to know that I had a second set of twins exactly one year and one week after
Bryan and Bethany were born! That's right! Bryan and Bethany were three months old when I found out I was pregnant once again....ugh! My belly was growing too big too soon once again and our suspicions were justified after an ultrasound once again showed a set of twins! I remember driving home from the Dr.'s office thinking to myself that this just couldn't be....why me? I felt so special! I always loved kids....funny that God should allow Me to have two at once but then to have another
two? Wow...what a privilege! So, as overwhelming as it was to think of the fact that I would have a set of newborn twins,one year old twins, and a three year old all at the same time with no family around to help.....I was overjoyed!  The only apprehension I had was I didn't want to go through the same thing with this set of twins with the intensive care unit and all of the many problems at birth. I was determined to carry this set of twins to full term so they would not have the same problems. I was ordered on bed rest for most of the pregnancy which for me was a difficult thing to do seeing I had little ones to care for but we managed and all took naps at the same time! Thankfully I made it through another twin pregnancy and on February 7th, a year after my first set of twins, I was wheeled into that same operating room and had another c-section! This time I was wise and chose to Not watch as my guts were sliced! Of course I was a bit fearful that the same thing was going to happen and a little bit anxious that when I awoke the nurses would tell me my babies had been whisked away to the intensive care unit as the last set of twins. I had to pray and trust and just rest. When I came around from the anesthetics I heard the babies crying from across the room and it was a welcomed sound! The two baby boys were completely healthy and over 6lbs each! In just a few days we were taking these two little boys home to our family! I didn't have much help,but I did have some and somehow we managed! I look back now and am amazed at myself and know that it was the Lord who gave me the strength and the love for children and the endurance that I needed at that particular time in my life! Well, February 7th is coming up..it is a day to celebrate the birth of Justin and Jeffrey. Twins have a special bond...Justin and Jeffrey are identical twins which is special in itself! So on Feb 7th I will be saying...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN IN TEXAS  .....AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFREY IN HEAVEN.

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