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It is a place of quiet rest that I have found when I am writing. I hope that someone will find my musings helpful in some way.
Psalm 23:2 "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restoreth my soul."

My Green Pasture....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cast Your Net Of Care

I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for You."   

Seeing how Peter was a fisherman and around the water so much, I can see why he would use the word  "casting" all your care......
I picture the disciples as a group of ordinary fisherman...rough and rugged.  Just ordinary guys with no extraordinary abilities that set them apart; yet they were chosen. Strange how God ends up using the ones that other people deem unworthy or just  "unqualified". We have all heard the story of the disciples being out in their boat all night long, casting their nets from one side of the boat to the other to no avail. They fished all night long and caught nothing. They were tired, probably discouraged, and ready to go home to sleep. Then Jesus tells them go back out and cast their nets on the other side....They may have thought he was crazy, but they did it and their nets were filled to overflowing!
I think sometimes we "fish" for peace in all of the wrong places. It is easy to do. We cast our care on our family and friends, we carry our anxieties around in our hearts and minds, we try to stifle our cares by loud music, and take our mind off our cares by watching movies. None of these things give us the peace we so desperately long for because it is the wrong side of the boat. Instead we need to cast our cares upon Him  because He cares about us. I am so glad he does.  I've found I have so much more peace than I have ever had since I have learned this important lesson of simply casting my care on Him.

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