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Psalm 23:2 "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restoreth my soul."

My Green Pasture....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Love A Parade!

Pain or no pain...I awoke on the fourth of July with good old American blood running through my veins and decided that I would not waste my holiday sitting on my behind listening to the phone for one more day! I have had it with this recovery process ...and anyway... it just is NOT the Fourth of July to me without... a parade, firetrucks, clowns, ice cream cones, and of course fireworks! Well... my search for a local parade turned out to be a bust...much to my disgust! We live at least a half hour from a decent sized town in all directions but I figured that someone nearby must be having a parade! How UN -American to NOT have a fourth of July parade! All across America little towns are doing away with it!! Our children and grandchildren are not being brought up with the same sense of love for our country and sense of pride for our flag as we had....what a shame is that! I ended up searching on the Internet and found a town north of us about an hours drive, and although I am in pain still from recent surgery I figured it would be worth it to me! I know you may think MY thinking is somewhat warped or morbid but in my own mind I think like this....if this was the very last fourth of July I ever get to celebrate then how would I want to celebrate it? This kind of thinking has been playing a large role lately in decisions about what I choose to do or not do.  Anyway... back to the fourth. We parked our chairs along a shady spot on the sidewalk next to a family eagerly awaiting the arrival of the parade. I sat down next to two little girls so excited to be there and so ready for all of the candy that was to be soon strewn all over the street! I have been to many a parade and have to say that this parade was very generous in their distribution of candy! These two little girls soon became my friends and decided that I was to join them and catch the candy too! Of course I had no objections to this! At least at first... but then... this parade... went on and on and on.... and the candy just kept on being thrown and there was enough candy for everyone! There  were flags flying and firetrucks sounding their sirens and bands playing and I was in seventh Heaven! For just a little while... I really forgot that I was fifty one... for just a little while I forgot I was recovering from surgery... for just a little while I had a blast! I was glad to see so many flags in this parade and tribute to our veterans. Thank God there are still places like this one all across America that do still take the time and effort to celebrate our freedom  and fly the flag!

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